Janine is really a gifted and caring Healer. First session was for my Mum who had been suffering from Mental illness and depression for so long. After consulting and using all the tools Janine gave her, she was able to go off depression medication 🙂 and her life has really been awesome since then.

After giving birth I suffered from post-natal depression and Janine really assisted me to get through that phase and seeing her really clarified the causes of depression and I’m now back on my feet and enjoying my baby and life. Thank you for restoring our lives Janine. May God bless you for your pure heart and dedication to help His people. Sibongile, Kempton park-15 November 2019

“Back in 2017, I had been struggling with chronic alcohol abuse and self-destructive tendencies. I looked for various ways to escape my depression and make sense of my life without success. My luck turned when I came across Janine’s website, Morningstar HC in late 2018. I didn’t quite know what to expect but from the very first session, I was convinced to have made the right choice. She helped me realise the origins of a lifetime of pain and it’s been bliss since. I now drink like a “normal” person, my energy levels have increased significantly and I feel more creative than ever. Even my sleep quality has improved dramatically and the nightmares have dissipated.

This new-found sense of inner peace and deep joy is noticeable to all around me. I am less impulsive and confrontational than I used to be before I met Janine. Also, now I seem to attract only good fortune in my professional life where there was only bad luck before.

I couldn’t thank Janine enough for being such a great blessing and turning my situation around. With the help of her spirit guides and her warm personality, she’s brought healing and direction to my chaos.

I never feel rushed during our sessions and she always makes herself available to answer questions over the phone. As a result, I always look forward to our sessions with great excitement because I know that I can open up to her within a judgement-free environment. I will forever be grateful to Janine for her teachings and will continue to see her for as long as possible.

Thank you, a thousand times Janine!
Mansa, Johannesburg, RSA

I stumbled upon Janine via the internet in search of somebody to come and do a clearance at our offices.

We are so blessed to have found such a dedicated and unselfish person to perform this for us.  We have had a few clearances over the past 18 years.  With the negative energy in the country as a whole and business becoming more difficult, we felt like the cogs has stopped turning.

Janine was very accommodating in coming on a Sunday as to not disrupt staff and production.  On Monday morning when we came to work, even the most sceptic staff member could feel the shift and how light the offices and warehouse felt.

Money started to come in within two weeks so did orders.  Janine was incredible when it came to shifting the decisions our customers had to make in placing the orders.

I could call her or message her at any time and three months later she still makes herself available if I have any concerns.

We are eternally grateful and know that our relationship with her will be a long and ongoing one.

Janine you are truly one in a million. You a beautiful person inside and out.

Diane, Financial Manager, JHB 2019

Breath-taking Shamanic Healing,

I have been doing spiritual practice for years, mostly focusing on prayers.

I saw my life taking a nosedive as there was stagnation and little to no success in my entrepreneurial endeavours. When my wife would talk about money issues for the household and inflation outlook, I would switch off into a depressed mode. I had no peace and calmness in my heart.

Then I was following the teachings of Overseas Shamans and when I saw there was one, I could go meet in person in South Africa, I took the opportunity.

Janine – Morning Star HC, really opened my eyes which were open all the time but I could not see the energy blocks holding me back.

I had a breath-taking Shamanic Healing session with lifetime techniques she taught me which I could even pass to my kids. I am more at peace and ever since, have not stopped talking to everyone in my path about her work.

Thank you very much Janine for helping me heal my soul and shift all hindrances in my energetic field. Namaste!

Regards, Gaby Monamodi Oct 2019
Ekurhuleni – Gauteng

I was just a girl not so long ago. Now I can confidently say that I am a woman. Still learning, shifting and changing, but I couldn’t ask for someone more gifted, open, wise and knowledgeable than Janine. She has helped me along this continuous journey of healing or raising my vibration (now my hearing has gone really sensitive LOL).

It all started with a house cleansing which significantly shifted my energy and reality – what and who I surround myself with to how I respond to my external world. Loving myself enough to always put myself first.

A Soul Retrieval session brought up issues that needed attention that I wasn’t consciously aware of or even people I didn’t know I still had issues with that was affecting my life.

Past Life Regression and Soul Retrieval has helped me stop toxic patterns with people or myself as well as heal unconscious issues. I’ve obtained so much knowledge.

The Ayahuasca ceremony has made see just how multidimensional we are. The ceremony brought up issues that were deeply nested inside my subconscious and healed from it. It has given me a much deeper understanding of the knowledge I obtained that resonates deep within me. It has made me accept the world and its people for how and what it is with no judgement whatsoever – that in itself has made me love myself even more.

Every session has made me feel more lighter and more ready for the next challenge I have to face. I can’t find all the words to fully express myself on how much Janine – Morning Star has drastically shifted my life for the better with so much care. Being in her presence is a pleasure.

Thank you, Carlyn, JHB – 2019

Janine, I am deeply grateful for your beautiful healing spirit. When I first met you, I was at a physical, psychological and emotional standstill. I was going through an emotionally challenging situation, being almost 4 years on separation and dealing with a divorce matter that seemed impossible to get resolved on this physical planet. Different divorce lawyers’ attempts to locate my ex-husband were unsuccessful and I felt drained at the core of my being.

I had no doubt at all about issues of reincarnation based on a bible scripture I had read as well as few spiritual books on the journey of souls, soul ties, etheric cords etc. During May 2018, I earnestly prayed to God for a real encounter with a true Spiritual Practitioner to help with my soul rescue. My prayer was very specific that God would lead me to a Practitioner here in South Africa and in the province where I lived. I prayerfully went through a few links online and my intuition led me to Morning Star.

I made an appointment with Janine and she recommended a release 10-20 past lives/session, of which I had no idea what it meant or entailed. My first healing session with Janine was on 5 July 2018, and it truly was one of the most profound experiences in my life. Janine explained that the energy patterns that had caused me to feel stuck and caged as I was experiencing it resulted from emotional traumas from my several past lives’ relationships and marriages which had rendered me powerless and voiceless. As if reading my mind, Janine told me not to regret any of my personal experiences because my soul needed that. She emphasized the importance of forgiving myself and to be thankful to the other soul for all the experiences because that was the way to heal, reclaim my power, begin to walk in my God given power and learn to speak my truth.

Janine was so patient and gentle as she led me through the process of releasing a few negative emotions that I felt intensely at that time. She then advised me that in my own time at home, I should document all unhealthy emotions coming to mind and continue working on the release using the techniques she had guided me on.

Janine also assured me that I will not spend a cent more on my marriage and the divorce case. That moment felt like I was in deep sleep, dreaming, and I’d wake up to the same energy-draining situation that had bruised my heart for so many years. Amazingly, the impact of the energy shift during my session was incredible and as I was driving back home late that evening I was flooded with so much joy and peace I had not experienced in many years.

The following morning after my session with Janine, my ex-husband called and said he had hardly slept the previous night as God urged him to call and speak to me. He told me he resisted to call as he didn’t know what to say because we had not spoken in almost 4 years. He told me he needed an urgent meeting with my lawyer. It then dawned to me that my breakthrough was real, and my life was about to transform in a dramatic way.

On 13 July 2018 exactly a week later, my ex-husband and I met at the magistrate office and to cut the long story short, our marriage was dissolved. We were married in community of property, however, the court ordered that each party shall retain what was already in their position…precisely what I had been praying for since the divorce process began.

My subsequent sessions with Janine have been rewarding and yielding an amazing spiritual awakening.

Janine, I want to thank you for working with me in a such a beautiful, safe and supported way. You are a beautiful person in and out, a true Spiritual Healer gifted to rescue and restore souls stuck on their journey like I was. I feel blessed that I have met you!!!

Ntombi, Gauteng (South Africa) 2019

I’m so grateful to have been led to Janine, she has the most amazing energy, very calming and I immediately felt comfortable to open up to her.

My first session was about getting to know me, opening up to her about all my problems was so therapeutic, I felt heard and understood. She also taught me releasing tools which has been the greatest blessing. The relief and peace you feel after releasing certain emotions is incredible.

The second session we did muscle testing and a shamanic healing. I was amazed at the muscle testing and how much it could assist when I need a little extra help and guidance.

I had a lot of anxiety, low energy and was very heavy hearted prior to the shamanic healing. I also often experienced back pains.

After the healing I definitely feel a lot lighter, I haven’t had anxiety or any waves of intense sadness like I used. I also have not had any back pains since the healing.

I’m so incredibly grateful to Janine and I continue to use all the tools she has taught me.

Bernique, JHB 2019

I walked into the shamanic healing session with Janine not knowing what to expect as this would be my fist shamanic healing experience. What I walked away with was a truly fantastic and life changing experience.

The session was comfortable and easy but also pushed me to dig deeper to find the answers I was seeking.

Janine was great, I immediately felt at ease with her and was amazed at her intuition and how she so accurately defined me. Her depiction of me was spot on. Her approach is direct, honest and straight-forward (no sugar coating) which was refreshing.

The healing session and exercises were both emotionally and physically uplifting. I had a lot to work through and am still working on it using the techniques I have been given.

Leaving the healing session, I felt this sense of lightness and happiness, I know this sounds like a cliché, but it did feel like a weight that I had been carrying for who knows how long had been lifted. I just felt happy.

I now approach life situations as well as past memories in a vastly different manner which has had a significant impact on the way I go through life today.

Fabrizio, JHB – June 2019

My first session with Janine I honestly did not know what to expect, however I was pleasantly surprised to find a loving and kind soul who welcomed me with a hug. J During the session she provided a lot of clarity and seemed very in tune with what I was going through.

She has since taught me some very valuable lessons and gave me tools which honestly made a huge difference in my life. I came to realise that I was basically a push-over for almost everyone in my life and that took a toll on me, I have since learned to stand my ground, stand firm in my truth and I don’t deal with crap anymore :-).

I can’t wait for our next session in this journey!

Menzi Tshabalala, CEO, JHB 2019

This has been such an experience and journey. I am learning so much about my strengths, weaknesses, and most of all how to develop myself. How to cope with the pressures of life, how to deal with trauma and past events that hold me back from moving forward in life. GROWING and becoming better.

The most wonderful task is that this journey with you develops skills that one can use throughout their LIVES. Shows us how we can manage by ourselves.

This is an investment for yourself as an individual.  Whether or not there are big problems in life these skills can be used in any situation and is pertained and built for your own needs, customized to you as an individual.

I am so grateful to have called you on that day, with all the struggles I have made so much progress. Thank you for your efforts, time and caring enough as a therapist to help me develop and grow. Exceptional work you are doing, many people should be aware in order to gain all the knowledge and understanding you have.

Thank you again

Kind regards, Sharika, JHB 2019

I was referred to Janine Chauveau (MorningStar HC) by a dear friend of mine (whom had challenges that I thought will take years to be sorted out if not impossible but it was such a miracle and a relief to note that it was resolved within a matter of a week after her consultation with Janine)

I then requested an appointment a year later on Mon, July 30th 2018

Ironically the date I requested the appointment was on the same date that my brother passed on in 2017.

My challenge was dealing with my late Brothers death who passed in 30th July 2017.

Just to give context to my challenge:

My brother was diagnosed with diabetic at the age of 9 months (that was in 1986), he had to be on insulin since then, had heart challenges, kidney failure at 19 years coupled with partial blindness. In 2014 he fell, due to low sugar level and broke his hip, a disc was put in his hip to assist him, two years later he fell again, breaking the other hip and injuring his knees and ankles. He then started walking with the assistance of a walker.  Then in 2016 December he broke his arm, and was admitted in hospital, he stayed in hospital until April 2017 between ICU and high care went through more than 10 operations that I can recall, he lost his battle on the 30th July 2017.

I had questioned and tried to reason all this out, why was he born in the first place, he suffered immensely. The whole family suffered with him especially my parents.

My Challenge

Throughout all this I prayed, resented, hated and loved God all at the same time. The morning my brother passed on I was not there and it killed me inside that I was away (Not home and at the emergency room). I felt guilty all the time, I know I could not have stopped his departure, but I wanted to be there, as I have been throughout the years, I felt as if I failed him. I could not talk to anyone about this.

 Every time I was away from home I would wake up (sweating and scared) at the exact same time that I was called and informed that he (My brother) has passed on. Somehow, I just felt as if my being away, another family member will die especially those that I hold dear to my heart.

Well I had been reading books (Journey of souls- Newton; Celestine prophecy and its series- Redfield) but still, there was anger in my heart and resentment. It would not go away.

My encounter with Janine

My encounter with Janine was very teary and painful at the same time. But she helped me understand the reason behind why I was not there and taught me techniques to release and forgive myself (This she referred to Shamanic Healing), even though I did not know what it meant I just trusted her to help me). What blew my mind, was the things that she told me about my brother that were true. Since that time the whole ordeal, when I’m away from home has stopped. And I have a better understanding of soul’s journeys.

I’m constantly seeing Janine on other issues of my life that are challenging and thus far through God, she has managed to assist me.

I’ll be forever grateful to God for sending Janine my way. I pray that God keeps her and continues to assist as many people as she can.

God Bless whomever my testimony is able to assist.


The Universe brought Janine and I together at a time in my life when I was searching for answers. More than I needed answers, I needed a way forward, I needed practical steps to follow and I was feeling frustrated.

In working with Janine not only did I start to find the answers to many of the questions that had been troubling me, but I began to understand the questions behind those questions. I gained a far deeper understanding of myself and my journey.

While doing this I also learned and implemented practical steps and tools along the way which started to bring about the kind of change I was hoping to see in myself.

We did a really broad range of work such as past life work, soul retrieval and health related work.

What was particularly effective was Janine’s releasing technique. I found that this is easily learned and can be used for any number of areas you may wish to work on, with as broad a scope such as finance and health, all with good results.

I can only recommend doing work with Janine, as a guide along your journey.

Regards, Lance, JHB – 2019

I found my session with you very helpful. It was something very new to me in the beginning.

However, your exercise was a bit uncomfortable for my setting I was in, being at home that is. I think a face to face for me personally would have been much better.

You should know there are days that I still use the techniques you have given me, because it really helps. I feel much lighter very inspired and positive.

I became much more aware of my surroundings after the energy I released with you, I somehow never went back to the same toxic people.

You are good and have an honest opinion, I just wish I had better access to you face to face.

Regards, Iptishaam Kramer, Cape Town, June 2019

I am all about energy and vibration when it comes to healing. I’ve spent a great deal of time over many years with people who work on an energetic level and I can hands down say – Janine you are a breath of fresh air. You were spot on with me and you gave me a totally uplifting perspective to tackle my day, my thoughts and how I react to situations in every day life.

Thank you kindly


I met Janine late 2018 for a shamanic healing session. Too many things were not going well in my life. I was stuck in every sense of the word and I recognized that I had some energy blocks.

In the first session I learned a few release techniques that were really helpful and with the help of her spirit guides I was able to get to the bottom of my life issues. Some issues I had were coming from past life traumas and that was released and healed.

Long story short, I was able to move out of my parent’s house and have my own space again. But money was still an issue. I just didn’t seem to get a job. I’m qualified, I got lots of work experience. I’ve failed in business. With all this experience here I was, feeling helpless and 4 years without a job. I said to her I don’t even have faith for business. I have just enough faith to get a job.

We met for a money release session. And the results are mind blowing, in just a few weeks of doing the exercises that she taught me … I moved from applying for jobs to registering my company and having clients drop in my lap. From feelings of despondency to finding people who were willing to hold my hand and show me the ropes in business. To old friends calling and giving me business referrals.

I’m still in awe. I’m still in the process of finishing the money release exercises but energy is already moving in the right direction.

She’s a rare gift to humanity. I’ll forever be grateful. Oh and it is a lovely thing that she is so down to earth, each time I panic about anything I have her on speed dial/ WhatsApp and she always … always helps!!

Johannesburg, Mar 2019

Hi Janine

I am finding it very difficult to express in mere words how thankful I am for the miracle you worked in my life. When I was referred to you I must say I did not expect anything else but maybe a relaxing afternoon. What I received, was life changing. Learning how to let go of anger was liberating and even my blood pressure has gone down drastically.

Healing from your wonderful hands, was an amazing experience I feel like I’m walking on air. My biggest thank you to you is for getting rid of the darkness that was sent to me. For that I actually do not have the words to express my gratitude.

You are one fab human and I feel blessed to have met you and to have shared in your gift.

Kind Regards

Lisa Briggs 2014


I met with Janine because I was having relationship problems with a family member. The person concerned was negative, judgemental and seeking conflict constantly. The relationship had been bad all my life.

I found Janine to be incredibly insightful and through a few releasing exercises and a regression, I was able to understand this relationship. Janine performed healing at a soul level on me and the person concerned.

Now, 4 months later, I can’t believe the difference. My relationship with the person has improved dramatically. They are also not seeking conflict with others as much either.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Janine. I found to be empathetic, insightful and very very talented with her gifts.

Kind regards,

Anthea – Norwood 2014

For the past 2 years I have been on my own personal development journey. I felt stuck, like a ‘fog’ was over me and preventing me from moving forward in so many areas of my life. I kept getting intuitive hits that I needed to go see Janine, but I lost her contact details, but a quick call to a friend & an internet search, I found what I was looking for.

I have never seen a healer before and didn’t know what to expect. I just knew I wanted help. Arriving at her door a calm came over me, and I knew I was in good hands.

My first session with Janine, I felt safe and comfortable to open up and tell her about my family and my own childhood trauma’s and sexual abuse. I had so many suppressed emotions and anger. Teaching me how to release my emotions in a safe & healthy way, made me feel so much lighter, calmer and free. It was a very emotional but such a rewarding liberating experience. The tools are practical and easy to use, and best of all IT WORKS!!!

Her advice is from the heart and no ‘bullshit’; she gives it to you truthfully and honestly. Her advice was spot on, on how to deal with my communication issues, and when I listened and applied her advice, a total shift happened. I was speaking from my heart and not my head, and people reacted in a more positive way towards me. I felt they wanted to listen and respected what I had to say.

I was finding my true voice and it felt awesome!

She also revealed to me my past life experiences and how it was linked to what I was feeling emotionally and physically in my body. For the first time in my life the puzzle pieces started to click in place and things made sense to me.

During our session it also came to light that I had an Entity attached to me, and how he was linked to my many, many past lives.

I knew that if I wanted to move forward with my life and he had to be removed.

The follow up session was a very deep, sad emotional experience for me. It was through this experience I understood and appreciated what makes Janine stand out from the rest as a healer.

Janine has a very strong work ethic, and is there for her clients every step of the way. She followed up on me to check that I was still on track, and was truly interested to know how I was feeling. Her words and advice on what I experienced after the entity removal was a huge comfort & healing to me.

She not only goes the extra mile, but walks it with you so to speak.

The right words spoken at the right time, to help me deal, accept and heal. I am excited to have new experiences and lessons in my life, and find out where my soul journey will adventure next!

I am truly grateful for Janine’s help and her gifts are truly powerful and amazing!

MorningStar is Truth, Light and Love in every sense of the word.

Zelda Meyerhoff

Johannesburg 2015

Janine is the most amazing and powerful healer I have ever met. I have been to many different healers from South Africa and overseas from different modalities like cranio-sacral therapy, body talk, life alignment, chiropractors, etc. All of these healings had a small or just a temporary effect and were not in such depth as Janine’s healings. I found her website on the internet and my intuition drew me towards her and so I gave her a call.

She started treating my one and a half year old for sleeping very badly, having huge abandonment issues, being very restless and unsettled most of the time day and night. Also on top of it two of the down lighters in the baby’s room always stayed dimmed and we couldn’t turn them off completely. I knew the reason is the presence of an entity. I have had 2 different “ghost busters” come to my house and after a lot of money spent, there was no result. It actually felt like they only aggravated the entity. After the very first session with Janine, the entity was removed and I could turn off my lights completely and not feel a presence in the room.  Janine started working with my son on his other issues and there has been a very big improvement – he sleeps better, eats better and overall is a happier child.

Janine helped me keep him calm during a long and tiring trip overseas which he normally would have not taken well. He didn’t want to sleep at home, let alone on a plane. I travelled with him on a long 10 hour flight, had a layover and a connecting flight. My son did not make a sound. One couldn’t even tell there was a child there.

I had developed adrenal fatigue and also felt like my brain was in a fog all the time from not sleeping well because of looking after my child. Janine helped me a lot. I felt a difference after the first healing.

She worked on my husband as well who has been suffering for a few years from dizziness, disorientation and noise in the ears. She has made a big difference in his condition after only a few treatments.

Janine has done several healings on my mother, too who has been suffering from mild depression and has many other issues with her heart, kidneys, knees and so on. Janine has done marvels with her and her many health disorders.

Janine is so kind and understanding and very very wise. She always has a brilliant advice no matter what the situation or the issue is. As we know, all health problems on a physical level stem from some sort of an emotional issue. Janine works exactly on the root of the diseases – the emotional issues whether they come from something we have gone through in this life or in previous lives.

I can not express enough my gratitude to this wonderful lady who has been giving continuous healing and energetic support to my entire family through this difficult for us time. She goes above and beyond the normal sessions. Her healings are very powerful and whatever one might be suffering from, she can make a difference. She is a true gift from God! Thank you Janine!

Anonymous, Cape Town 2016

Many a time I have sat down to write this email,  only to be overwhelmed by emotion and end up crying uncontrollably, choking and unable to continue.

I am still struggling to wrap around my pretty head what happened with Janine. I made an appointment to see her because I wanted to balance my chakras. Only to find out that, that was not the reason I was led to her. She picked up an entity that was living inside of me for the past three years, which I had conveniently forgotten about, which every now and then brought up huge blisters on my feet for an hour or so among other things. I was shocked to say the least!

After doing a Shaman healing,  I had to go back for an entity removal. As much as I was scared about the whole thing,  of course I didn’t let her see that – She was very calming!  And reassuring. I was right as rain within a week.

We then thought it would be best to do a house cleansing. Wow that came with its own surprises. It turned out she was a Psychic medium as well,  because she channelled my Grandfather whom I’d never met but knew a lot of, my Spirit Guides also decided to show up. Right in the middle of my living room!  To say I was shocked would be an understatement.!  Oh what an experience!  Amazing,  scary and overwhelming all at the same time. Talk about getting more than you bargained for!

Janine has helped me to reclaim my life. I feel more in control of things now. More free. I seem to have this abundant energy.  All I want to do is live, live and live some more. I have a more positive outlook on life now. People are noticing the difference in me and are commenting about it. To me,  all they are doing is validating Janine’s work.  It’s the most amazing feeling ever! It’s like a Soul Awakening experience. A spirit rebirth if you like.

Thank you Janine for giving me back my life! Am truly grateful.

Stay blessed,  and may your Guides guide,  guard and protect you!

Wendy,  Johannesburg.
Truth, Love and Light.

I was referred to Janine by my best friend who had been for a Past Life Regression (PLR), this was a few months after my 30th birthday. I was lost, confused and most of all I did not know myself.  Yet at the age of 30 you would think you have it all figured out.  Sadly I was one of those who did not, my life was not anything I imagined or wanted it to be, I had childhood and past relationship issues that lead me to be someone I did not know let alone love or even like.

After my first PLR I realised that I needed to let go of my baggage and start focusing on who I am.  This not only opened up my eyes spirituality but also helped me grow as a person.   I visited Janine again not long after my 32nd birthday as I explained to her – “something feels amiss” I feel empty.  Janine then explained to me that I am not fulfilling my purpose here on earth and that I need to follow my heart and do what I love.   At the time I had an idea as to what that was – helping people in need; in anyway shape or form I wanted to help.  Janine then made various suggestions, charity work and even helping out at schools.  On this occasion with my second PLR – I realised my potential and also unbeknown to me opened up a “gift” I have.  A gift I was always aware of but never realised what it was.  By this time I not only got to know who I am but also love the person I am and this opened up my gift completely.

I now write this a few months shy of my 33rd birthday after my third visit to Janine for a Shamanic Healing, Aura Cleansing (Chakra) and a highly informative chat, there are no words that I can think of to say a HUGE, MASSIVE, GIGANTIC THANK YOU to MorningStar – Janine. She has helped me develop my gift and guided me on my spiritual journey, which I am only very new at.   To a point of being comfortable (meaning without some fear) with being able to communicate with those that have crossed over and pass messages onto those still here in the physical world.  I am doing what I was meant to do and that is to help others in need.  Once again, I say Thank You – not only did you help save my life but you changed it for all good and eternity.

Love and Light

Kim Linden

JHB Dec 2013

I had a pre-operation healing done by Janine to prepare my body for major surgery, a tummy tuck, boob job and face lift. The doctors were amazed and very impressed at how fast my body was healing. They took all the staples out in just 10 days which i was told by the doctor is very unusual, they as the normally take them out in stages and over a much longer time period.

Janine’s Shamanic healings are by far the best I have ever experienced and I have been to MANY healers over the years. When I have a Shamanic healing I just KNOW things are shifting and healing, I can feel it.

Thank you for sharing your gifts Janine.

Caren – JHB

My AA journey through AA.

I arrived at Janine`s doorstep, suffering from AA – Anxiety and Addictions.

I have been to numerous medical doctors and Psychiatrists, who would just gladly prescribe medications, and even more medication. When the medication for my anxiety ran out I would self-medicate with Alcohol and numerous other over the counter drugs and hard core drugs, went to Rehab for 6 weeks as well. I quadrupled my sleeping medication every night. Lost and broken, my husband drove me to the AA – I found some relief knowing that I was not alone, but I needed answers way beyond what I had gotten till that point. I knew that I was an addict and an alcoholic, but why, why me, why now? A friend advised me to see a soul healer who practices regression therapy.

For the first time in my life I absolutely opened up to some-one, holding nothing back, just speaking truth for the first time in my life because I felt absolutely safe and accepted. Something inside of me said that I could trust Janine and I did.

I have been trying to find help and answers for the past 4 years, with no positive results until 6 weeks ago.

After only 3 sessions with Janine, I just don’t feel the urge/need/want to take drugs or drink alcohol; I have gone completely off my sleeping medication which was HUGE for me. It is still early days but it’s now been 6 weeks and I am just feeling stronger and stronger day by day, standing in my own truth and power. No longer needing or wanting to hide and escape from the world.

It has been a painful journey so far and I cannot explain how hard it is to let go of all that I have.

Who knows what tomorrow brings, but I am at peace today, right now which I have never know or experienced before. My husband is so happy about the changes he sees in me he has asked to meet Janine.

Anonymous (contact details will be provided to authentic clients on request due to sensitive nature)

Hello Janine

I wanted to just thank you for the last 3 session, it was an amazing session, for the first time I felt I was able to release the struggles I had bottled down in so far as the relationship with my mother is concerned, the peacefulness and happiness that I experienced after the session is indescribable.

I am amazed at the changes in my life since I started the release sessions with you, for one I have become clearer and guilt free in articulating my expectations from relationships in my life, you have an incredible gift and may God bless you to go from strength in helping others

Gwen, Pretoria

My experience with Janine has been life changing. From the time of meeting her, your life takes a different direction.

Been someone that has suffered with Bi Polar for many years, I can say with confidence that this will no longer be the cause of countless problems that have literally “wrecked” my life.

Each session taught me understanding, mostly myself, it gave me such clarity and a different outlook and all the possibilities, she gave me healing and brought me to a place of peace.  From the minute you meet her you find peace and comfort and safety within her presence and her wisdom.

Janine and this whole experience has been phenomenal, Janine as a therapist and my journey with her.

Debbie (Heidelberg)

Dear Janine

After having been in traditional therapy for several months but not really getting anywhere emotionally, I really didn’t know what to expect when I came to see you.

Just the way you approach issues in conversation made me aware of so much more that I was not aware of. I am convinced that had I not come to see you, I would’ve continued to focus on the superficial issues and not key things that were actually leading to my depression and anger.

So thank you for enlightening me.

I also want to thank you for what I think is the biggest gift all; helping me feel at home in my own skin again.  It’s a bit complex to explain but after two sessions of past life regression, my own mental puzzle came together.  I have never been so at peace with myself, never felt such positive vibrations!

So thank you and your guides for helping me find where I come from – helping me connect with my spiritual guides (or as I call them; my people) for now I am anchored.

Thank you for your humility, your honesty, your sense humour and your warmth.

Big love, Asania – Johannesburg, South Africa

Some years ago, after much Drug and Alcohol binging, I experienced some terrible psychological trauma. It was a combination of Hallucinations and Depression and it felt like I was losing my mind. I could never understand why I had had such an addictive personality even though I came from a decent background. There was something terribly wrong with me and it had nothing to do with my background; It was inside me.

After much denial and suffering I came to terms with the fact that I had some serious sexual dysfunction. My hallucinations made it impossible to ignore. I was then diagnosed with OCD and my life was pretty much a living hell until I finally got the guts to start doing something about it. I went through some extensive Psychotherapy and it helped a lot, but there was something about my condition which was unexplainable. The degree of sexual mental dysfunction had no logic to it because I was never exposed to any sexual dysfunction growing up…

I knew this was a spiritual war, and I had the faith to call up Janine after finding her online through Google and to address the problem on a spiritual level. I was quite sceptical at first, but there was something about this that felt right so I went with it. I am a young black South African male and this approach to healing is quite unconventional for me and the social context from which I come; but it felt right so I followed my heart.

I can’t thank the creator enough for Janine and her work, she is so courageous and there is nothing she can’t handle. Our past life regressions (PLR’s) shed so much light on some of the things I was experiencing and it restored me. She was able to tackle my issues head on in my 2 sessions and the PLR’s added a greater dimension to my healing process.

I’m now off my anti-depressants and I maintain my peace through meditation.

I’m grateful for my experience and for the fact that there is a true warrior of the light in Janine…

With Love,

Atang -Pretoria, South Africa

“I was referred to Janine in October of 2012 as I had been suffering from extreme trauma, shock and disassociation of myself since 30th December 2010. I have not personally met Janine yet as I live in Cape Town and she live in JHB so everything to date has been done distance wise or telephonically.

I will not go into the details that brought this out of world experience into effect, as it will fill a book, and I will write about it one day! However, I will say, that I saw many people that tried to assist me from this “Awake Dream” which is all I can call it, that I was walking about in – it was as if I was here but not here and all I saw, heard, thought and wanted, was to be with the person that had placed this hold on me! It was very difficult as the person was overseas, and from the time that it started, I traveled back and forth to be with this person, and live in the country where this person resided, until it all ended abruptly in the early part of 2012 – this is all I will impart as it will make a best seller!!

When I was first introduced to Janine, I thought that this would be just another person that would give me initial hope, and then after all the promises and hopes, the process would end without any improvement whatsoever!

However during and after our first introductory call, I realized that Janine was amazing and felt her pure and healing energy immediately and I knew that this was the person that I had been waiting to find for all this time, to help me become normal again!

We started sessions (2 hourly) where Janine helped me to realize my strength, and my own power which I always had, but was taken away by the person who had placed this unexplainable dark hold over me, and had been sucking the energy out of me, so much so, that I went down from my normal weight of 45kgs to 38kgs at one stage!! A huge difference for me!

There were many different emotions which Janine helped me to deal with, such as extreme sadness, grief, anger, loss and at some stages I really did not want to carry on in this life as I thought “what is the point of it all!”

Janine gave me support systems to use which would vary according to each individual need/situation as my “anchors” when I felt myself falling into this feeling of absolute helplessness and the strong pulling feeling through my upper stomach would come to take over my sanity…!

Janine also did a Distant Business and Home Cleansing, clearing out all the negative energies, as well as entity clearing/removals and certain “cord cutting”!

She did various work on situations that had been holding me back in my personal and business life. She is also continuously doing energy work for our business to improve it and keep a steady flow, which I have seen, and to also keep myself and my family protected!

Upon the completion of the Distant Business and House Cleansing, I felt an air of beautiful lightness, and began to see everything in a new way.

I saw myself back in myself, with people seeing the old me – always so positive, happy, friendly and taking the time for people in my life both family and clients and friends.

The Distant Shamanic Healing has brought about a power within myself that was waiting to come out, and I can almost say that there is a magnetic attraction with people now…. and I have a confidence and acceptance of myself and who I am!  Amazing and exhilarating!! The report that Janine sent me after the healing was incredibly accurate!

Janine has always been there when I have needed to speak to her, and if she had not been able to take a call, she would always sms or call me before the day ended….!

She is an amazing person with unbelievable pureness of spirit and a strength and good power that can only be appreciated if you use her valuable gifts!

Today, I can honestly say that I have come a long, long way and am looking at the world in the way that I saw it, prior to all of this, AND MORE I can truly say that I am well on my way to being “Me”

Thank you Janine – you are very special and so sincere and I am very privileged to know and have you in my life with your integrity, power of strength, and spirit in this world!”

Anonymous, Cape Town (contact details will be provided to authentic clients on request due to sensitive nature)

I went to see Janine in December 2012, I must say I was a bit apprehensive after having gone to a number of healers, in the past without any success. I was even more apprehensive because I was not referred to her by any person, but had found her through an internet search. In retrospect I now believe I was guided to her.

I sent her an email to make an appointed and she respondent promptly. Although she was fully booked, and it was December, she was willing to accommodate me in the week of Christmas, which was amazing.

My story

After a very acrimonious divorce which took a while to finalize, I had never felt complete, from the emotional and psychological abuse that I had suffered within the marriage. I had also developed a lot of anxiety, low confidence, and fatigue.  I was living in a shell although in my professional career I tried to put up a brave face, My anxiety would be so bad at times that I would be unable to drive myself, (despite the fact that I had been driving for many years) anywhere and with the terrible Johannesburg traffic I would sometimes have to get out of the traffic just to try and calm down before getting back behind the wheel. I am a professional and very senior person in my job, but I would get to the office and into meetings and find myself a nervous wreck for no apparent reason.

In our first session she made me feel welcome and took her time in getting to know more about me, She then did a past life regression in which we dealt with some issues.

I came out of the session not expecting the changes that I soon started to see in my life, It suddenly hit me one day when I was driving around with my son and comfortably chatting away to him, that I no longer had the feeling of dread and fear that I used to have behind the wheel, I have started enjoying driving myself and people in my car, whereas in the past I used to feel terrible, that if I had a passenger in the car they would think I did not know how to drive.

After the first session I also started to see that my confidence levels had increased so much, that some of the people that I would never have had the courage to stand up to at work and in my family, I can now stand my ground with them.

I am not sure if this session had anything to do with the attention that I started to notice I was receiving from men, where in the past and since my divorce I seemed to be invisible to them.

I had my second session with Janine on the 8th February 2013.  It’s a couple of days since the session but I have experienced an incredible level of peace within myself, my energy levels have returned, I was always a very active and busy person, but had noticed over the last few years that I was also fatigued and no amount of vitamins and energy boosters could ever give me the energy that I feel now.

I am truly grateful to Janine for her healing, I did not expect to start seeing the difference in my life so soon, I was bracing myself for a number of sessions with her,  before seeing the results (I had even pre-booked these with her).  Having said that I realise that healing all the baggage of the past is a process and I am committed to this, but felt I needed to write this feedback even if only 1 person is encouraged by my testimonial to pay Janine a visit, I feel I would have done my bit in helping someone out there.

Janine thank you for welcoming me, when I am with you I feel like I am with a sister, thank you for your warmth and welcoming spirit.

Thando, Centurion Pretoria

It was indeed a great honour having a session with Morning Star. I was experiencing “feeling stuck” in my career and total burnout, and was also not being fully present in my marriage. This was having a negative impact on my relationship. I went to see her to help remove obstacles and to get a sense of a new balance.

After my first session with her, I had already experienced significant shifts. I was re-energised and I started to get recognition in my career. This also had a positive impact on my health and I was starting to feel more relaxed. The level of self- awareness created in her session helped me to understand my behaviour in my marriage and I started being more accountable. This has also re-energised my marriage and I am approaching challenges with a great insight and level of resistance.

My second session with Morning Star was to further work with aspects of my behaviour such as being too responsible and independent minded and her sessions helped me understand why I demonstrate these behaviours so strongly in my life. This understanding has allowed me to relax and allow more spontaneity to flow through.

I was blessed to be able to access the gifts of Morning Star in my sessions. I am confident that I will continue to use her wisdom and services to navigate the difficult challenges in my life so that I can embrace the true essence of who I am.

Ashnie, Johannesburg

“Janine I would just like to thank you for the miraculous healings that have taken place in my life since working with you doing some amazing soul retrievals.  My family has played a big part in those healings.  After many years of very difficult and heart breaking relationships with both my parents, I am over joyed to let you know that my relationship with both parents over the last year have changed dramatically.

Honestly it is nothing short of a miracle.  I see them through new eyes and the changed it has made in my life is something I will always be grateful for.  There is wonderful peace and love in these relationships now.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You truly are an incredible person and friend, and a very gifted healer.”

Lindi Landman  – Johannesburg

I would like to share my PLR experience with Janine Chauveau (Morning Star). The night before my session I had the best sleep I ever had. The day of my session the energy and happiness I felt was truly amazing.

Upon arrival I could feel the energy from the gate. I knew immediately I was @ the right place, right time and with a gifted person Janine. When I met Janine face to face we clicked immediately. Janine took me through the process by asking questions and giving me reasons why I experience the hurt I did.

I have to tell you if you want answers, real ones you have to try the PLR session with Janine. I had a really good session, I did go back into my past, it was life altering, I left feeling like I let go of the shame and guilt I carried all these years.

I believe and trust, I feel positive, I am laughing and wanting to get out more, my relationship with my family has gotten better, and I feel more confident and ready to start studying again next year and finish this time. I have learnt to forgive and be forgiven, and more importantly to receive.

Janine is a very gifted person and true to her work and the people she assists. If you feeling stuck and not learning your lessons Janine can help u like she helped me. Thank You! Janine. God bless!


When I first heard of “Past Life Regression” I felt a bit sceptical, but something drew me towards Janine. When I arrived I was a bit nervous but she has such a good way about her that I started feeling at ease immediately.

I am not a person that “sees” or “feels” things very well, but I was amazed how vividly I felt, saw and even smelt things during my regression! I learnt a lot about what my deep rooted issues are (and let some go), knowing and being aware of them is half the battle won. I was also able to understand why some people in my life make me feel so comfortable and safe.

Since then, even when negative things happened, I have been able to see them from the positive side, learn my lessons and let it all go – my life is much more positive as a result! Thank you Janine!

Daniel du Plessis, Pretoria

We are very grateful to Janine for all that she has done for us.

My younger son of 2 years slept through from 6 weeks and never had a problem falling asleep, all of a sudden he started crying when in his room. Both my boys sleep in the one room as we live in a 2 bed townhouse. My son started feeling uneasy in the house and just wanted to be with me and fall asleep with me/us. He would wake up 5, 6, 7 times a night, crying and being very scared.

Then one night I went to bed before my husband and then the activity started to be a reality.

There was clearly an entity in our house and my son being/feeling uneasy wasn’t him feeling sick or being naughty!

I thought I was losing my mind as my husband and older son of 4 was clearly not experiencing anything. I am a very strong believer as my sister experienced some activity when we were younger.

I explained my/our experience to my sister and she believed me and gave me Janine’s contact detail. I could not ignore what was going on and the fiscal contact was progressing! I was very scared not even to mention my son, he was now sleeping with my husband and I in our room.

I contacted Janine and she immediately acknowledge our problem and said that she would help! Janine came out 4 days later and did a house cleansing.

She is such a nice warm hearted lovely person, we felt very comfortable with Janine and my kids both loved her.

My husband supported us although he has not experienced anything like this before.

Janine is very professional and gifted at the same time, she wanted to know a few details before starting with the cleansing and then she started. It was conducted in such a way that my two young boys felt very comfortable with everything.

We had a very positive experience with the whole cleansing.

My son asked to sleep in his own room and his is not scared anymore!!

After Janine left she always kept in contact with us.

I will always recommend Janine to anyone, she is brilliant!

Thank you again Janine

Lots of love

Elise Bergh, Pretoria

“Janine truly helped me through the most difficult and trying times , even in my lowest point I felt someone was watching over me, I have to say I have done a 360 degree turn around and I am grateful for all your help and positive energy.

Lots of love Lori”

Dear Janine,

Thank you for the work that we’ve done together. I especially enjoyed and found very useful our soul retrieval session. My life experience is lighter because of it!

You’ve kept a fantastic, fun, light and caring space for me during all our sessions. I thank you for this. I have clarity and peace on much since. I recommend anyone wanting to move forward in their lives or wanting to become unstuck to work with you and most importantly to trust you and the work that you do!

In Love and Gratitude, Jacqueline Adolph, Pretoria

“Thank you so much for all you did for my son Logan, he’s eight years old and was struggling with a lot of changes going on in his life all at once and was feeling extremely overwhelmed.   The session he had with you assisted him in being able to deal with a couple of adults in his life that made him question himself and his abilities.

He was able to “let go” of how they made him feel and his relationship with them has improved since.  He has learned to cope with all the changes and is excited and looking forward to his new life at the coast.

Thank you for all you do in making this world a better place, I shan’t forget you and will definitely be back to see you when I’m in Johannesburg again.”

Love Vivien, Durban

I’ve tried on numerous occasions to shift my energy towards something more positive. After facing many blocks, I decided to seek help. A random Google search (of course nothing is ever random:) lead me to Morningstar’s website. I went to see Janine, not knowing what to expect. I was greeted by an extremely friendly, down to earth person (with a hug… I do lovvvve hugs:)

Janine is direct, she pulls no punches, which is exactly the type of attitude I appreciate, there were no artificial thrills and frills, this immediately put me at ease (I can’t say the same for her decorative, tarantula exoskeleton!).

Its been almost a week since my past life regression and things are shifting… its difficult to explain, but it’s a welcome change, I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere. After such a long time standing still, it feels good to be moving again!

I’d recommend everyone do at least one session with Janine, there’s no turning back, once you get the ball rolling!

Janine, thank you so much for all your help, it was amazing, you truly are gifted! You’ll definitely be seeing me again 🙂

Vash, Johannesburg

Of all the healers I have worked with, your work ethic and approach is really different and truly appreciated … Thank You for honouring your path, for you have touched our lives profoundly and given us (my daughter and I) an opportunity to establish a truly special mother-daughter relationship.

“Fellow Healer”

Dear Janine

There are not enough words to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance.

From our very first session, I have experienced a profound difference in my life and have only grown as a person.

Losing my father so suddenly has been a challenge in every aspect. I had to grow up so fast and take responsibility for myself and actions. This has been a hurdle as I was very sheltered.

With your insight and wisdom, you have helped me cope and see the positive. I have learnt with your unwavering patience and understanding that life’s journey is about me. My perspective of the world and life is entirely up to me.

This I will be eternally grateful for, as since I have met you, I have had fortune and providence on my side.

May your life continue to be a blessing to others.

Thanking you with all of my heart!

Bhavika, Johannesburg

Thank you from my soul for helping me place my life in perspective. I have always been spiritual and wondered why I was different from the rest of my family with the only person I could relate to being my late dad. My relationship with my mother was strained since I was a child. Nothing and nobody could ever explain the jealousy my mother and sister had for me other than to ask if I was adopted. I faced rejection from them even more so after my father’s death. My father and I shared the most special relationship. After he died, I did not have to pay to communicate with him because Psychics came up to me at weddings and airports to convey messages from him to me. He has always been with me but I was concerned that I was preventing him from crossing over.

Janine helped me realize that he has crossed over and she helped me let go of him. I went through past life regression. Imagine coming face to face with ones soul, let alone going through a past life of more then 350 years ago. I realized that my dad was so special to me because his soul purpose was for me in this life and that explained the jealousy that my mother and sister had for me. I have let go of the baggage I was carrying around for more than 35 years and I have let go of my father as well, as difficult as it was. I had to and I feel rejuvenated. I want my father’s soul to be liberated. I understand my mother’s jealousy and I feel for her.

I no longer am seeking for answers because they come to me. An incident that happened years ago for which I could not find answers for then, the answer has come to me now. I had faced the most horrendous armed robbery with my family but because of my experience with Janine, I was able to handle the trauma by knowing that God was with us and he would take care of my loved ones for me. If I had not gone for the spiritual healing with Janine, I would have questioned my faith in God, I would have been angry.

My relationship with the world has changed and I love myself. I am no longer angry with who I am because I now know my soul, the God within me!

Thank you Janine for being that special angel.

Love always


Hi Janine, the love and warmth of greeting make me feel right at home. The chatting and getting to know each other puts me at complete ease for whatever process we are doing that day.  I feel extremely relaxed and calm going into the sessions, and you hold a completely safe space for processing. Session are very calm even though it unknown – I’m not afraid and opened the door to receive my treatment.

Shamanic healings _ I can actually feel the energy shifting while you are working in me. And when you are finished I feel like a completely different person, for weeks with renewed energy, spunk a zest for life all aches and pains have disappeared and I just feel wonderful!!

With each session the layers are being peeled off and fewer aches and pains remain

Happier in my own space and much more confident. Sleep much better too!

Most marvelous de-stressor and calmness comes over me for the next few weeks and I handle things much better – my coping mechanism and short fuse is gone!!

Thank you for all the help, advice, guidance, nurturing and love.

Karen, JHB

Janine, I wanted to thank you so much for the distant Cord Cutting via Skype. I am doing soooo much better! Feeling myself, getting back to myself and to life, day by day more. In an instance during our session I felt a HUGE block of heaviness falling of me, like I could spread my wings again which have been tied up for years. What a relief! My ex and me have been so entangled and he took so much possession of me, not only in physical but most certainly in mental, emotional and of course in spiritual ways. I feel so freed

After a week and a half or so, I, all of the sudden had the feeling that he on his side also let go of me completely. As if he got the message. Now he has left my life totally. Like he lives in another world which does not touch mine.

So many processes/shifts have been set into motion by the session you gave me. It’s wonderful! The relationship has been anything but benevolent and beneficial for me, but all those years I could not get out of it and now I am like a newly born. Thank you so much for helping me. Now I can start my life fresh again and GROW!


Utrecht, The Netherlands

Dear Janine

My 1st healing absolutely amazing!!! Over the last few years I have lost touch in my spiritual side, let alone myself. I’ve been battling with weight issues & serious insecurity issues, but after experiencing the presence of many Arch Angels & the wonderful work of Janine, I have now lost 6kg’s & am so positive!!!

2nd healing incredible!!! Janine did a Shamanic/Native American healing & it was very interesting & different, beautiful actually, again weight is now further dropping & I look at life so much better now, I just feel so clean & fresh & like all my burdens & worries are lifting, it’s truly an absolutely awesome experience!!!

Janine you truly are amazing, not only as a Spiritual Healer but as a listener too! Like I say to my friends, you guys go to psychologists, I GO TO JANINE!!!

Thanx for everything

Teneille Renton

Hi Janine

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for all that you have done and meant to me and my family. When I came to the first session with you I could not believe you would have such an impact on me personally as well as my family.

The house cleansing that you did for us was nothing short of miraculous. As you know the energy was pretty hectic and negative. So much so that my daughter, Mackenzie was crying, did not want to go to school and would not sleep in her room. Our dogs were all over the place and myself and my wife were constantly being drained emotionally.

Afterwards all I can say is WOW. My daughters are happier, the house is so loving and peaceful and everything seems to be on the up and up.

It is truly unbelievable how we take for granted the people we allow into our homes and the impact they can leave behind.

I implore anyone who is struggling with unexplained mishaps and issues to use you. From my humble experience the problem is closer to HOME, literally, than we think.

Thank you for all you mean and have done for me and my family…..May our life begin, On our terms.

All our love and Blessings.

Gregg, Jenny, Macky and Taylin

Dear Janine

I was referred to Janine by a mutual friend as I was experiencing lack of motivation and some serious personal issues relating to a recent break up from my soul mate. After having spoken to Janine telephonically she arranged to come to Cape Town, and that is when I had my first session.

Janine’s thoroughness in the questions she asked prior to the session was remarkable and really put me at ease. The past life regression was pretty much an out of body experience and I felt very positive thereafter and gained clarity and insight into the issues affecting me and the reasons therefore.

The session certainly knocks the spots off any psychologist therapy session. I am looking forward to our next session as during a subsequent conversation to the session Janine has indicated further suggestions in order to shift one small issue which presented itself after our session.

I have related the experience to close personal friends and have urged them to utilize Janine’s abilities in trying to iron out there personal foibles and would urge others to really utilize this fantastic experience..

Andre Botha – Cape Town

Dear Janine

I just want to thank you so much for the change you made in our lives. You have changed us from sceptics into believers. After our house cleansing we could definitely feel a shift taking place especially my husband. He was at such a bad space in his life and nothing seemed to work out for him especially with his business dealings.

The fact that you removed the bad energy around him definitely made an enormous difference in his everyday life.

Things are now happenings, shifts are taking place and he is just so much more positive and energetic – the husband that I know is back.

My children feel so much calmer and especially the older boy is not scared anymore. Can’t remember the last time he mentioned being scared of shadows. It is wonderful.

We just feel so much more “protected” from outside and unwanted energies and less paranoid.

We can’t thank you enough and from now on we will always do a cleansing in all new properties we buy in future. No more bad energies from the past to interfere in our lives.

We are very grateful for giving us this opportunity to look forward to a bright and wonderful future.

The Tsakiroglou family – Cape Town

Hi Janine

I want to thank you from my soul for helping me and for being a true healer in every sense of the word. I have spent thousands of Rands on healers who promised to help me but never did and when they were unsuccessful, they tried to get more money out of me by telling me I had to see them for some more healing sessions. I was very sceptical when I called you but thank God I took the decision to actually come and see you. You sorted my situation out in only one session and for that I truly thank you.

When I came to see you I had been fire from many jobs for telling my bosses the truth about my situation. I had a sexual entity (succubus) which never left me alone, it would keep me up all night and I was always tired and drained. It threw me around and hurt me all the time, even sometimes during the day, I would sit down and it would start sexually attacking me again.

Thank you for removing the succubus form my life, it has never returned since I saw you in January 2010– I am a new person. Thank you for being an ethical healer that truly has a gift. Anonymous – August 2011 (contact details will be provided to authentic clients on request due to sensitive nature)

Hi Janine

I left feeling completely blown away with not a shadow of doubt about the authenticity and as I shared my experience with others, pieces of the puzzle started to come together which further validated what I experienced.

I would recommend Janine to anyone and have no doubt that I will still walk a far journey with Janine.

Thank you so much Janine – you will be blessed.

Leilani Kruger.

Hi Janine

I just want to send you and all your guides & helpers a VERY, VERY BIG HUG!

My brain “re-wiring” has been mind blowing! I feel awesome, can concentrate 100% more, my energy levels have increased tremendously, I wake up ready to embrace the new day & the fog seems to have lifted from the brain!!’


Hi Janine,

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. After our first session it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Almost indescribable feeling. From the moment I met you I felt comfortable and at ease in your presence.

Life for me has changed for the better in a way I can’t even explain, I just feel so different in such a positive way, clearer.

Thank you so much, I look forward to my next session with you.

Much love, Vivien

“When I heard about Janine through my mom I thought to myself this is my chance to understand more about what is happening to me and what I’m experiencing. My parents have always treated me differently from my brother and I’ve learnt to accept this because I am different, now after my appointment I realised it still bugged me but not as much as it used to in fact what it has taught me is to be stronger, and this I have accepted and received.

I have learnt that how I see the world is in fact true and not my imagination. This experience has made it very clear to me that I have my gifts for a reason and will learn to use them to the best I can, I carry on praying about them and will carry on growing closer to God as my intention is to do his will. I have also experienced a change of mind towards myself in the way that I want to look after my body that carries my soul and feel I want to be more positive and give hope to others as well as reveal the truths that are still to be revealed to others.

Thank you Janine, I hope to learn more from you and hope for only the best for you, I do recommend Janine to anyone who would like to learn more about themselves and realise how wonderful and special they really are and what an important role they play in this world.”

lots and lots of love


Dear Janine

Thanks you very much that you have saved my life, you are an Angel sent by God to help me and I believe to help many others as well.

Last year October I went to see another healer, but after that there were demons in my house and on my property, every time I cooked food it exploded, every time I bought food from the shops within an hour it was all rotten and off with a bad smell. Things in my house would move around on its own.

The dog food that my dogs ate burn their mouths, and then they would drink more and more and more water but kept getting thirsty, they also got very bad acid, the skin on the bottom of their feet would peel off.

I had a little stuffed dog in my house, after I saw the healer the stuffed dog started melting and my 3 little dogs became very ill. I saw my 3 dogs starting to fall all over the place as thought they were poisoned and dying and only through the grace of God I threw the stuffed melting dog into water and my dogs were a better after that.

I clean my house every week end but after my visit to this healer, I suddenly started finding faeces on the walls of my house, on top of my cupboards, even in my drawers all over the house, I would clean it all up and 3 days later it was all back on my walls, in the cupboards and drawers again. This went on and on and ON for 3 months till I found you and you did the house cleansing for me, it has never returned since (January 2011). I also kept finding very strange insects in my home, one in each corner, even after the weekly cleaning and destroying them I continued finding more of the same insects.

Regularly when I would look at something I would not be able to see it, it would be fuzzy and hazy, and I thought I was going blind. I personally saw 5 different entities in my house and was permanently terrified. The fan would move towards me all the time as though it was trying to attack me.

I would walk into the CLEAN bathroom, and when I got up from the toilet and there would be bird poop and feathers at my feet??? This would then move at my feet while I was standing dead still.

Anything that people don’t understand or can’t explain………….. they see as insanity!!! Very few believed me but God sent you to my rescue. Thank you!!!

Now everything it normal, I don’t see things, hear things or feel things anymore. My Dogs are calm. So thank you for being an Angel sent by God to save my life and the lives of my dogs and for taking all that evil away from me. Thank you for being there at the WORST time of my life, I was finished. I would NOT have survived as I had ONLY been drinking boiled cooled water for 3 weeks with NO SOLID FOOD or anything else until you came into my life.

My home was full of demons/entities and you remove them all. Thank you Angel of God and bless you!!!

My work has improved as well. These stories I have mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg and absolute hell I went through before finding you through a friend. If you had not come into my life I would not have been alive today but would have died for sure.

Anonymous (January 2011) contact details will be provided to authentic clients on request due to sensitive nature.

Hi Janine,

Thank you for the session we had on Monday Night. It was amazing and inspiring. I have studied a lot of the teachings you follow but have always found a missing piece somewhere. I would never have imagined that it was pieces of my soul that were not with me.

From the moment we met the energy and unconditional love I felt was phenomenal. We sat and spoke to you as if we had been friends for years.  It was so easy and seemed so natural that I found peace in just being with you.

On the Soul Retrieval side, it is almost impossible to describe the feeling of serenity and peace in dealing with everything from my past life. I have not allowed myself to shed tears for more than 15 years due to a deep seeded belief from people in the past.

The amount of emotional release I had in that session was out of this world literally. It was not anyone, emotions of anger, sadness, joy and happiness, it was simply about release.

I had a few people who have had a hold on me in this lifetime and have not been able to understand why. The amount of peace in my life from that moment has been divine.

My eldest daughter was one of the people who came through and after the forgiving process with her, our relationship has been 100 times better and filled with more patience and understanding.

Janine you have a gift and anybody struggling with anything wanting a true feeling of peace and unbelievable belief in themselves should spend some time with you.

Thank you and may you be filled with abundance, peace and blessings.

Gregg Van Notten

Hi Janine,

I thought that our first session of past life regression was amazing and helped me but nothing could have prepared me for the second session!

You have been fantastic – I now understand so much more about my life, feelings & phobias.

The changes I have experienced have been mind blowing….I am looking at life from a totally different angle….. the sparkle is coming back!

I came to you for help and I most definitely got it. I am looking forward to another session with you.

Thank you so much.

Denise Renton

“I was facing a situation in my life where there was too much confusion and I needed clarity. Janine did the PLR with me and she was awesome.

I was sceptical at first, prior to going for the PLR session as I had been for one before (with someone else) and it didn’t quite work. Also, I believed that there may be a possibility that I would not be able to see anything and if I did see something it would probably be my imagination or emanating from suggestibility. I was wrong.

During the session I was able to see a past life which relates to or is connected to what I am experiencing right now. On that level I was able to “work” on myself as well as my partner in terms of forgiveness and now the situation has improved. The problem is still there however I am now able to deal with the issue from a different perspective.

On a soul level I was able to accept/forgive what had happened, which in turn has enabled me to now accept and let things be in this lifetime. As such the situation I am facing now has changed tremendously for the better.

Janine was more like a friend than a person providing a service.  She is friendly and her willingness to help others is truly admirable.

She is selfless and has shown that there are spiritual workers whose primary reason for doing this type of work is to genuinely help others and not only to profit in terms of financial gain.

Thank you Janine, for helping me deal with this “situation”


Soul retrieval, what a wonderful experience!

Janine, you are a truly gifted healer with all the qualities one can wish for: wise, powerful and warm hearted.

Again I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have created for me a space in which I felt completely safe and could relax deeply. And once you re-integrated all my soul parts I had a unique sensation of completeness and joy.

Looking back to our session in the Peruvian rainforest camp where we met October 2010 I am grateful for this beautiful experience and encounter with you that has been one of the most valuable gifts in my life.

All the best for your future and hope to meet you soon again!

With much love and light,

Adriana Gröning

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Dear Janine

I met Janine at an energy healing course she presented in Randburg a couple of months ago. I entered the course with a backpack of personal issues on a spiritual quest to find some meaning in my life. As the course progressed I was intrigued by what Janine could do to help me with depression which was depriving me of many pleasures in life and I was on high doses of tranquilizers and anti-depressants.

I made an appointment with her not knowing what to expect and if anything could help my depression. As soon as I met her for the healing, she made me feel at home and complete ease. She did a Soul Retrieval.

left in a state of pure bliss that day and my depression has not returned. Yes I do have some down days, but that is normal and nowhere close to the pit was I in before.

About a month later I felt completely unbalanced and anxious (please note: this had nothing to do with the depression episode). I saw Janine again and she retrieved a grey mass from my body and balanced my chakras. Needless to say I was back on cloud 9.

I have been back to Janine for leg and lower back pains, which she helped me with. Besides the wonderful work she does, she gives good practical advice, great knowledge and tips that actually work!

The work that Janine does cannot translate into monetary value, she works with great integrity and love. I never at any moment felt rushed or had a “your time is up” kind of feeling. She greatly cares about her clients and her main aim; which I feel maybe other healers lack, is to get to the root of a problem and sort it out.

Her style of healing is something not of this world (my belief), uniquely and authentically Janine. Her training and experience on all aspects of the human body, mind and especially soul is in complete balance and places her in an absolute league of her own. In fact the best healer I know of. It is truly a very exciting experience to even see her work on others, it blows my mind away!

I do not see any doctors at all anymore, because I know Janine would be there to help with anything. I can strongly recommend her healing to anyone suffering from anything, it’s quite simple really. I plan on seeing her on a regular basis for additional healing problems in days to come.

I wish her all the best in her future ventures and hope The Great Devine blesses us with her presence on earth for a long time to come.


Rene Marnewick

JANINE se metodes fassineer my, dis nou benewens die feit dat dit uiters susksevol was.

Ek het eers ‘n “SOUL RETRIEVAL” gedoen. Het my lewe lank nie betrokke geraak by mense nie. Bekyk hulle op ‘n velige afstand en laat hulle nie naby my toe nie. As kind tussen 4 en 13 jaar seksueel gemolesteer en ook koue afsydige mense in my lewe gehad. Mense maak jou seer en jy is nooit goed genoeg nie. Jy word altyd afgejak en weggejaag. Na die sessie was dit asof ‘n damwal oopgebars het. Die kind wat so hartseer was en gedink het sy was sleg en moes iets verkeerd gedoen het. Ek het nooit besef hoe hartseer die kind was nie. Ek het gevoel of ek heel geword het, kalmer, meer myself gevoel, meer solied en seker van myself. Ek het weer lus vir die lewe, het ook verantwoordelikheid vir my lewe aanvaar en na myself en my ongesonde eetgewoontes begin kyk. Ek voel gesonder, het meer energie en eet ook gesonder. Wanneer ek nou aan die molestering en afknouery dink is dit onpersoonlik en ek kan die lesse daarin sien. Dit is nie meer ongelooflik groot, my keel trek toe en ek raak aggressief nie. Dis asof dit met ‘n

ander persoon gebeur het. Wil ook nie meer al die afvlerk voeltjies red en versorg nie. Ek is verantwoordelik vir myself en my geluk en die ander persoon is verantwoordelik vir homself en sy eie geluk. Baie dankbaar daarvoor.

Volgende was ‘n “PAST LIFE REGRESSION”. Het ‘n sus vir wie ek my lewe sal gee. Ons was weereens in hierdie PAST LIFE REGRESSION susters en sy is dood in ‘n vulkaan uitbarsting in Japan. Weereens ongelooflike hartseer en ‘n gevoel of ek alles in die lewe verloor het. Ek besef nou ek het skuldig gevoel omdat ek oorleef het en sy nie. In hierdie lewe probeer ek haar teen pyn en slegte dinge beskerm en seker maak sy is veilig en beskermd. Ek staan nou terug en laat haar toe om haar lewe te lei. Geen skuldgevoelens meer of hierdie oorweldigende begeerte om haar te beskerm nie. Ongelooflike helderheid oor hoe ek vorentoe moet beweeg, nie net ek nie, sy ook…… sy moet self verantwoordelikheid vir haar lewe en haar besluite neem. Voel of ‘n berg van my skouers af is. Ek wil haar nie meer “red” nie.

In my volgende “PAST LIFE REGRESSION” omdat ek hierdie ongelooflike persoon ontmoet het. Kry haar nie uit my gedagtes nie en hoe meer kontak ons het hoe sterker is die fisiese aantrekkingskrag. Alles aan haar is vir my goed en aanvaarbaar en trek my net nog meer aan. Skrik my amper oor ‘n mik. Dit blyk dat ek haar kind was en sy word voor my deur ‘n beer doodgemaak. Ek kan nou nog voel hoe my hele lyf bewe van skok en hartseer. Ons gaan verder terug en in ‘n ander lewe is sy my geliefde. Ek kan sien en voel hoe gelukkig ons is, lag en baie lief vir mekaar. Ek sterf baie jonk en soos ek weggaan kan ek voel hoe hartseer ek is……. ek wil haar nie nou verlaat nie. Ek kan letterlik die liefde VOEL. Ook hoe hartseer en geskok sy is. Ten minste verstaan ek nou die aantrekkingskrag. Dis asof ek kan terugstaan en objektief na haar kyk. Ek sien HAAR nou raak en voel nie meer net al hierdie ongelooflike passievolle gevoelens nie. Ek voel kalmer en is heeltemal bereid om tyd te neem om haar te leer ken en DAN te kyk

of dit in hierdie lewe kan werk. Ek voel nog steeds die liefde maar dis asof daar nou ruimte is vir dink en kalm na die situasie kyk. Ek is ook nie so desperaat om te weet hoekom sy my so ongelooflik aantrek nie. As daar nou iets gebeur of selfs nie sal ek dit kan hanteer. Vir nou wil ek haar leer ken en sien of ons twee pasmaats is of kan wees.

Janine was ongelooflik professioneel en het my tyd gegee om dit te “voel” en te “sien”. Ek het geen oomblik gevoel dat sy die horlosie dophou en my wil “aanjaag nie”. Ek is ongelooflik dankbaar dat ek Janine leer ken het en van haar dienste gebruik gemaak het. Ek het werklik baat daarby gevind. Ek sal beslis weer van haar dienste gebruik maak sou ek dink dit is nodig. Ek sal haar ook met absolute vrymoedigheid vir ander mense aanbeveel.


Anonymous (contact details will be provided to authentic clients on request due to sensitive nature)

Janine’s methods fascinate me and her sessions are extremely successful.

I started with a “Soul Retrieval”. As a child between the ages of 4 – 13yrs old, I was sexually molested. My entire life has been spent NOT getting involved with people, keeping everyone at a distance and NOT allowing them close to me. I also only met cold and indifferent people, always being hurt and rejected by people and started believing I was “Not good enough”. After the session it was like a dam bursting open. I never realised how sad the child in me was, believing she was bad and had done something wrong.

I feel much more WHOLE, more calm, more myself, feeling more solid and sure of myself.

My zest for life has returned, I have accepted myself again and taken responsibility for my life. I am looking at my unhealthy eating habits. I feel healthier, with more energy and even eat healthier now. When I think back on the molestation it feels impersonal and I can see the lessons therein. It is no longer a huge mountain in front of me, my throat doesn’t close up anymore, I no longer become aggressive. It feels as though it happened to someone else. I no longer feel the need to rescue the world, even though I may still try to help them through advise or whatever means but I am responsible for myself and my happiness and other people are responsible for themselves and their happiness, I am very grateful for that.

Next I did a “Past Life Regression. I have a sister whom I would give my life for. In this PLR she was also my sisters but died in a volcanic eruption in Japan. This caused an incredible feeling of sadness and that i had lost everything dear to me. I now realise I felt guilty because I survived and she did not. In this lifetime I am constantly trying to protect her from pain and anything bad, making sure she is safe and secure.

After the PLR I now stand back and allow her to live her life. I no longer have this overwhelming guilt and desire to protect her. I now have incredible clarity about how I should move forward with my life, and for her life too …… she must take responsibility for her own life and decisions.

I feel as if a mountain has been lifted off me. I don’t have this absolute need to “save” her anymore.

The next “Past Life Regression” I met this amazing person whom I can’t get out of my mind, the more contact we have the stronger the physical attraction. Everything about her is good and just attracts me even more. Got the fright of my life when in the PLR, I was her child and she was killed by a bear right in front of me at a very young age. I can still feel my whole body trembling with shock and sadness.

We went into another past life in the same session and there she was my lover. I still see and feel how happy and content we are, laughing and truly loving each other. There, I died very young and as I die, I feel my sadness …….I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE HER NOW. I can literally FEEL the love, how sad and shocked she is.

At LEAST I now UNDERSTAND the attraction and can look at it objectively. I now see her without the incredibly passionate feelings. I feel calmer and willing to take time to get to know her. I still feel the love but it’s as if I can now take the time and space to reflect calmly on the situation at hand.

I’m no longer desperate to know why I’m so incredibly attracted to her. Whichever way it goes now is fine by me – I can handle it either way!! For now all I want to do is get to know her better, to see if we have a chance in this lifetime.

Janine is extremely professional and gave me enough time to “feel” and “see” things. I never felt as though she was watching the clock and there was no rush.

I am incredibly grateful that I got to know Janine and used her services. I truly benefited from them. I will definitely make use of her in the future should it be necessary. It’s with absolute confidence that I highly recommend Janine to anyone needing her services.


Anonymous (contact details will be provided to authentic clients on request due to sensitive nature)

Hi Janine

‘I highly recommend Janine’s energy work – she works at a vibrational level of integrity, that should be (but too often isn’t) essential to be a true healer – if you are able to feel the energy that surrounds you, you will immediately feel the difference after Janine has done a cord cutting session with you, the energy shift is THAT real.

My purpose in going to Janine was to clear ‘dark energy’ in and around myself and a male friend in another part of the country.

Although the cord-cutting session mainly involved distance healing, and I had to stand in on behalf of someone else’s cord cutting, the exercise was powerful, I felt the presence of some powerful guides, and felt a sense of elation afterwards, that I hadn’t felt in months.

The shift, in terms of the distance healing, as well as myself has been great, and a truly worthwhile experience.



Hi Janine,

I’ve never done a past life regression before and was terrified of the unknown when I finally chose to do it. It was, however, one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.

I felt completely light afterwards, as if a huge load had been lifted off my shoulders. Janine guided me through with patience, trust and love. I’m glad that I had chosen her to take me through this journey.

She instantly made me feel comfortable, earned my trust and connected with me from the word go. I don’t understand everything as yet but I do know that a lot of pieces to my puzzle were discovered with her help. And for that growth, I am thankful.

Thank you Janine,

Sharon Pillay

Hi Janine,

2011 started off as being an emotional rollercoaster for me. I prayed to God and the angels for peace of mind because everything in my life had felt out of control.

After praying for a long time I was guided that I needed a cord cutting session. I’ve come across a lot of spiritual teachers and healers and was a bit weary of visiting you Janine.

After much reservation I decided it best to go for my session with her as all healers could not be painted with the same brush. Upon arrival at her practice I was made welcome.

Janine made me feel comfortable and was easy to talk to because she had this loving energy about her. The quality that I admired most about her is she empowers you instead of disempowering you.

The way she practices the cord cutting session was awesome. I truly felt liberated after the session. It felt as though I have achieved what I set out to and had finally made peace with my past.

I saw results instantly two hours after my session I ran into my ex fiancé and his family. It was good to know that I could view him from a detached perspective. After my session I also felt more powerful in a loving way. I’ve learned that when you hold on to anger, bitterness and resentment you are actually punishing yourself. I am also learning to trust myself and my decisions again.

Janine helped me realize that we can experience heaven on earth and the universe is a safe place.

A special thanks to you Janine for pushing me along my path. Thank you for the kind support that you provided me with after the session as well, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you for also advising me in which other areas of my life I need to make improvements on.

Kind Regards,

Jo Makan

I’ve had two sessions with Janine- Morningstar and found the experience both profound and rewarding. At first, it was hard for me to relax and allow the process to unfold, but with the gentle guidance Janine gave, I found the confidence that I needed to dig deep enough to start healing.

When I say healing, I’m talking a sense of peace and well-being; but also a PHYSICAL improvement with a chronic back pain I had been suffering with.

On both occasions, not only did Janine talk me through each part of the process as we went, but when things got overwhelming or scary for me, she handled it with absolute grace that made it much easier.

After each session I felt much calmer and more in control of my body and thoughts, not to mention having learned much more than I expected.

I’ve already referred some of my friends and hope to do many more sessions for myself in the future.

Thanks for everything I experienced with you.

Angelique Garrido

Dear Janine Chauveau, would just like to thank you for all your help concerning my house cleansing and the cutting of cords. I have experienced major changes in the house and in my personal life.

I feel like a new person thanks to you. May you grow from strength to strength and may you bring light and love to all.

Lots of love,

Shamalin Singh

Dear Janine,

I studied Reiki in 2009 and Janine was one of my tutors/mentors. She is a very spiritual, wonderful, caring and patient person who never tries to rush you to achieve goals and results. Janine will work with you, teaching and training until you have reached the standard you desire.

I can highly recommend Janine as she is pleasant, professional and has high integrity.


Maria Struwig-Carreira

Hi Janine,

Firstly thank you so much for coming out and cleaning our home the mood has lifted and it feels much better my husband has taken to it really well and in one day has found inner happiness.

The kids have felt it too; the oldest walked in and asked what have we done? And the house feels so clean and I’m glad that the demons are gone don’t know where that came from. The Gardener said it was the first night that he has slept properly since arriving here.

When I arrived home from work last night, I normally feel like I’m driving into a dump but it all seemed so clean and the rotten smells that plague me have lifted.

At work we have been having a shitty run we have had one successful result every two-three weeks and the mood between me and my boss has been a bit heavy, yesterday we all came together and we had a total of FIVE successful results in one day!!!



Dear Janine,

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the Egyptian Healing you gave me, I was ‘blown away’, and the energies I experienced were awesome.

I particularly enjoyed the ‘anointing’.


Lesley Anne Morgan

Dear Janine,

For some time, our lives just did not seem to be working.  We advertised our home based hypnotherapy and energy healing business extensively with no positive results.

We seemed to be spiralling deeper and deeper into a black pit of negativity and despair.  Every attempt we made to get our lives back on track failed.  We lost touch with our spirituality and stopped meditating and our relationship was beginning to suffer.

Janine did healing on both of us and a full house cleansing… the energies in the house and on the property shifted and changed immediately, before the house cleansing was finished we could already feel our own energies clearing and were feeling more and more like our old selves.

Since the healing and cleansing, we have both been through profound shifts.  Our business has turned around, our lives are back on track physically and spiritually and we are no longer trapped in the dark depression that kept on pulling us down.

As people who are both capable of doing house cleansing, we were simply just too far gone to recognise how much help we actually needed.

We most certainly will call on Janine again if the need arises.   Janine is very professional, thorough and we highly recommend her as both a healer and house cleanser.


Gert Barnard & Tania Naude

Dear Janine,

I want to thank you for the support and being there when I needed you to do Healing on René. (René has since passed after battling cancer for many years)

Before you came to treat her, she was restless and unable to walk at all.  After your visit, her spirit has lifted, she is not restless and believe it or not, she has been able to walk (with the aid of the nurse and me) from one side of the bed, around the bottom, to the other side where she was assisted in getting her back onto the bed. This is truly wonderful if you think that she had not walked for a couple of weeks because she was just too weak to even stand!

Regarding myself and the fear I had for water and drowning, I had completely forgotten about the incident that happened when I fell into the stream when I was about 4 years old.  I am so grateful to you for getting this out in the open because I was really seriously worried that I must be going crazy because of the fear for water, whether it be in a pool, river or even the ocean.  While you were “working” with me, everything became so clear about what had happened.  I could actually visualise the willow trees that were near the stream where I fell in.

Thank you once more for the great help that you have been to us.  Please continue doing this wonderful work in helping people!


Pikkie Van Niekerk

Before I had a house cleansing done by Janine, the energy in my house created an environment of frustration.

For every good thing that happened there was always a feeling of unrest that followed.

There was always fighting between my husband and children and myself. Progression was slow for my home based business. After having the cleansing done, the peace between us as a family was restored and the home feels settled and calm.

My business is improving and I have a far more favourable reaction from people on the whole.

I am very grateful to Janine for all of her time and effort that goes into the cleansing as it has given us a new beginning.



Hi Janine.

Just a message to say thank you very much for everything you have done for us.

Since your house cleansing the negativity is non existent. Visitors who are not welcome feel uncomfortable, and do not come back to our home.

My business turnover is increasing daily.

Kind regards.


Janine used hypnotherapy to help me through a very difficult time and regressed me to the events in my past that were affecting my life and future. It has been a huge success and I was able to go forward without any regrets from the past that were holding me back.

Janine has a unique gift of doing house clearings and also removes unwanted energies from those who struggle to move on in their lives.

She works with her Native American guides and a collection of herbs which uplifts the whole atmosphere of the property and allows new positive energy to come in and remain.

I had been trying to sell / rent my home for over a year and within 2 weeks of Janine doing my house cleansing, it was rented out.

Her healing abilities are very powerful. I can recommend her in any area of healing or psychic clearing situations.

She has a rare gift of putting clients at ease and protecting them from harm throughout the process.


C.M. Smith

I have done a healing session with Janine and her warmth and professionalism comes through when doing the treatment.  I felt relaxed and rejuvenated after the session. I would recommend a healing session with Janine to anybody.