“Yearning To Take Control Of Your Life And Feel Complete, Positive and Whole Again?”


Tired Of Being Plagued By Energy Draining Emotional and Health Related Issues? These things can be resolved and yes you can experience the joy of being truly alive and whole again. Soul Retrieval uses ancient, time tested techniques that can help you heal the missing fragments lost through negative life experiences.

Don’t take my word for it. Read below what my clients are saying about how Soul Retrieval has helped them, call me if you want to know more!

Thank you for the session, it was amazing and inspiring. I would never have imagined that it was pieces of my soul that were not with me.

It is almost impossible to describe the feeling of serenity and peace. I have not allowed myself to shed tears for more than 15 years. The amount of emotional release I had in that session was out of this world literally, emotions of anger, sadness, joy and happiness. The amount of peace in my life from that moment has been divine.

Janine you have a gift and anybody struggling with anything wanting a true feeling of peace and unbelievable belief in themselves should spend some time with you.

Gregg van Notten

Soul retrieval, what a wonderful experience! Janine, you are a truly gifted healer with all the qualities one can wish for wise, powerful and warm hearted. Once you re-integrated all my soul parts I had a unique sensation of completeness and joy.

I am grateful for this beautiful experience and encounter with you that has been one of the most valuable gifts in my life.

With much love and light, Adriana Gröning,

Utrecht, The Netherlands

I made an appointment with Janine not knowing what to expect and if anything could help my depression. She did a Soul Retrieval.

After the Soul Retrieval I left in a state of pure bliss that day and my depression has not returned (July 2010)

Janine greatly cares about her clients and her main aim; which I feel maybe other healers lack, is to get to the root of a problem and sort it out, this places her in an absolute league of her own. I do not see any doctors at all anymore, because I know Janine would be there to help with anything. I can strongly recommend her healing to anyone suffering from anything, it’s quite simple really.

Rene Marnewick


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Thanks, Janine – MorningStar.