About Morningstar

It is with great honour that I dedicate my website to my Guides, Ascendant Masters, God and the Universe.

Thanks to a friend of mine, MANY, MANY years ago, Red Wolf for honouring me with my name Morning Star.

Since I was very young – I had a special gift, healing and helping people and animals. Since 2004 my guides have taken me on an amazing Spiritual / Healing journey, one that will never again allow me to deny my spiritual journey as a true healer, light worker and soul rescuer on our planet “mother earth”.

I’m constantly being guided with my healing and taken to new heights and in completely uncharted territory, having recently (2010) completed a process, which to my knowledge and research has been the only one of its kind worldwide. The closest I could get to a “name” is Soul Exchange – Reversal. Anyone who can shed any light on this subject please feel free to contact me.

I work in all areas of spirituality such as Money Blessings, Walk-ins, Poltergeists, Possessions & Exorcisms, Psychic Attacks, Cord cutting, any process EXCLUDING harmful matters to others. My integrity and ethics are pure and my work is as such. I have been on Television and been interviewed on Local and International Radio.

I would like to thank all the people and beings who have crossed my path, learning the lessons from each of you, in turn assisting and guiding me to the place in my heart and soul, where I can truly say “I know who I am”, (but not always where I am going) leading me on my ever increasingly amazing journey (even though it hasn’t always been easy). When we understand life’s lessons are meant to be our teacher and not a struggle or victimization (going with the flow – as nature does), THEN life becomes so much easier.

I’m always guided in my work and healings therefore every healing is unique and tailored to your specific needs. My passion is assisting you with your soul journey.


Morning Star