Animal Healing

Healing animals using a variety of vibrational healing modalities. Communicating with animals and being guided as to what the setback/dis-ease is and what they need.


In early July 2013 I was put in touch with Janine through a mutual friend. Whiskey (our dog) was not doing well. Janine managed to contact him although he was a bit foggy as a result of his medication, and the message he had given her was that he was ready to move on as he was very tired. Naturally being human we think we know better than the animals do themselves, but I did take Janine’s words to heart. On Saturday 6 July 2013 I knew it was the day we had to make the call. I could no longer see our beloved dog suffering.

I once again contacted Janine, who then contacted Whiskey again and prepared him for the crossing over. In all honesty I have to admit that knowing he was battling, and knowing he was ready and prepared for what was waiting for him, brought a sense of calmness over me. Thank you Janine for being there for Whiskey during this time 🙂

Xena, Yoda, Sascha and Cody:

After Whiskey’s passing we adopted another dog (Cody) but he came with his own dog (Sascha)… so we got two instead of one… Mancha (Whiskey’s friend for 9,5 years) was happy with the new company as she was very lonely. But Xena and Yoda our two cats were not happy with the new additions. Once again I called on Janine for help. Janine came to our house to see what the reason for this was. After chatting to all the cats and dogs for some time, Janine could explain where their fears arose from.

Now I understood why the cats were always hiding and made sure they were out before the dogs were out in the morning. They only came in after the dogs were put away for the night. I had cats to feed but I did not see them (which to me was very sad).

Janine did a process and healing for each of them and afterwards they all seemed more calm. The dogs could now come into the same room as the cats, although the cats were still hiding they were no longer hissing at the dogs. The dogs have started “ignoring” the cats and would only start looking at them if I made them aware of the cats. Janine followed up on the progress made and suggested I talk to my cats again. I locked the cats inside on Friday and told them I will allow them out again once they are comfortable around the dogs.

And Yoda did it!!!! She followed me around the garden with the dogs in tow! It was such and awesome feeling to know we had such a huge breakthrough! Xena is still a little nervous, but is no longer in hiding all the time. Thank you again Janine for allowing me to understand more about my babies 🙂

Diana Rodrigues, Northcliff