Release 6 – 12 Past Lives/Session

I pick up and clear 6 – 12 Past Lives in one 2 hour session.

Generally I will find between 6 and 12 Past Lives that I will clear between you and the other being involved in a past life. Some people want to clear either an emotion that has become a pattern in their current life, others want to clear or find the origin of a dis-ease in a past time.

I will go back and ask to be guided to the time when a specific emotional pattern started for your souls journey or if it is a very deep issue, I would be guided to go back to the original or first soul experience where that emotion or issue was out of balance. Other times I will only be take back a few life time’s ago.

We have seen some huge shifts and had some truly amazing feedback from clients who have been through this process. Some reported their ‘base’ anger (e.g. on average being pushed to around 80 or 100%) had dropped by around 90%. One client in particular reported his income had almost doubled within 2 months and after 2 sessions. (this has not happened for everyone!). The feedback we had from many clients is they often struggle to identify the exact/particular shift or change (e.g. anger, abandonment, etc) that has occurred but they all agree there are very definite, shifts/changes that have taken place.


Gratitude to our Guides,

Truth and Love,
Morning Star

Testimonial for Releasing 10 – 20 Past Lives in one session:
I was fortunate enough to experience Janine’s new healing session that she and her colleague Lorna have started facilitating.

I walked in with no idea what to expect but once the session was underway I was blown away by the details they were able to pick up without much input from myself.

Both ladies are tremendously gifted and together are a beautiful force unlike any I have experienced.
In a 2 hour session they managed to shift blockages I have been working on for years.

There has been a significant improvement in my own self-confident and self-empowerment.
I feel more connected to source or God and myself than ever.

My strained relationships with 2 ex’s have improved and I personally no longer feel the fear, terror, craziness, loneliness or unhealthy sense of responsibility or attachment for either of them.

My parents who have been at odds with one other over the last few months have had a miraculous improvement in their relationship with themselves and with one another within a few days of the session I had.
Janine and Lorna were guided to release and heal past lives for both of them. So not only did this session benefit me it benefited my family as well.

This is a unique and special healing unlike any you will experience. The benefit and healing experienced is truly incredible.

I would recommend this to any and every human that currently walks this planet. I am so deeply grateful to have been able to experience this.

Thank you to both ladies you are both amazing and the work you do is so important.
Lindi Landman Nov 2017