Soul Retrieval

Do you have a sense or feeling of being incomplete, have health related issues, Or have you actually manifested a physical ailment?
Want to feel WHOLE again? Let me help you recover your lost soul fragments through Soul Retrieval
Soul Retrieval is an ancient Shamanic tradition for healing emotional and physical illness.
It gives you the opportunity to re-negotiate the terms of your initial agreement/soul contract.

When suffer trauma, a small part of the soul splinters off or fragments, this can be a larger piece too, causing soul loss, power loss and disease. A soul fragment may even be held by someone from the past or a past life. Those who hold the piece of your soul are often completely unaware of it.

We journey to collect these pieces, bring them back, and reintegrate them. This process can cause some amount of disorder in your life as you need to bring the piece or pieces that have returned up to speed with your current physical age.

Often the piece or pieces left when you were quite young sometimes only a few months old, this will require you to make the effort to be you to be more playful and light-hearted.

The return of soul fragments are essential to becoming physically healthy and whole.

“Thank you for the session, it was amazing and inspiring. I would never have imagined that it was pieces of my soul that were not with me.

It is almost impossible to describe the feeling of serenity and peace. I have not allowed myself to shed tears for more than 15 years.

The amount of emotional release I had in that session was out of this world literally, emotions of anger, sadness, joy and happiness.

The amount of peace in my life from that moment has been divine. Janine you have a gift and anybody struggling with anything wanting a true feeling of peace and unbelievable belief in themselves should spend some time with you.”